Surviving Celibacy, 2nd Edition


Surviving Celibacy, 2nd Edition
© 2010 Stephen Fierbaugh
International Standard Book Number: 978-0-578-04608-2

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Abstract and TOC

Surviving Celibacy is practical biblical teaching on topics like loneliness, masturbation, coveting your neighbor’s family, and depression. In between, join Stephen in an exploration of the lives of the twentieth-century’s great single Christians, who struggled with many of these same issues. Together, you will learn how to stop living life on hold.

There is an extensive appendix for pastors and teachers of singles. Learn why 42% of all adult Americans are single. Discover what your Christian singles really struggle with (HINT: Sex runs a distant fifth.) and what pitfalls to avoid in teaching them. Find out how the Creepiness Equation can help guard your singles group from descending into a meat-market.

Table of Contents

A Note On Scripture
Prologue: Am I a eunuch?
Chapter 1: So am I a eunuch?
Chapter 2: Balderdash!
Chapter 3: Guaranteed Spouse?
Chapter 4: Divorce
Chapter 5: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Chapter 6: Depression
Chapter 7: Betsie and Corrie ten Boom
Chapter 8: Hatred and Hurt
Chapter 9: Meddling (Theirs)
Chapter 10: Meddling (Ours)
Chapter 11: Lust
Chapter 12: Masturbation
Chapter 13: Homosexuality
Chapter 14: C. S. Lewis
Chapter 15: The 40 Year Old Virgin
Chapter 16: Rich Mullins
Chapter 17: No hope?
Chapter 18: Coveting, Envy, and Bitterness
Chapter 19: Amy Carmichael
Chapter 20: Failure
Chapter 21: Loneliness
Chapter 22: Ellie Grant Devore
Chapter 23: Stop waiting and live life!
Appendix A: For Pastors
Chapter 24: Just how many singles are there?
The Male/Female Disparity
Why should you care?
Why do singles need their own ministry?
Chapter 25: The anatomy of your singles
Depression and other mental issues
Handicaps, excess weight, & ugliness
Substance Abuse and similar issues
Giving & finances
Commitment & free time
Beware S.A.D.!
Chapter 26: Teaching Singles
Find me a mate!
It’s not all about sex
Raise their expectations
Everyone needs to feel loved
Stealth Dating
What about the meat market?
The Creepiness Equation
Warning: It’s your ministry but their family
Chapter 27: Meddling (Yours)
Conclusion: Lead your sheep!
Appendix B: Study Guide
Shadowlands (C. S. Lewis)
The Hiding Place (Betsie & Corrie ten Boom)
The Story of Amy Carmichael
Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace
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