How Mobile Phones Work in the Developing World

A thorough understanding of mobile phone technology is vital to functioning in the developing world today, and skills and expectations from just a few years ago are rapidly being outdated. Villages which had no coverage just a few years ago now have majorities of their adult populations sporting mobile phones. Marketplaces which offered only “dumb” feature phones last year, now offer for sale Android touchscreen smart phones at realistic and affordable prices.This section is from The Viability of Phones For Language Development , by Stephen Fierbaugh, International Literacy And Development (ILAD), 2011. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States license. Limited duplication permitted. This section in its entirety is sharable under the same license terms. See for additional information.

  • The Mobile Phone Mega-Trend
  • How Mobile Phones Work in the Developing World
  • Ubiquitous Features
    • Advertising
    • Vouchers
    • ” Beeping”
  • Notable Hardware
    • Nokia 1280
    • Huawei IDEOS U8150
    • USB/SD SW Radio
    • Universal Battery Recharger
    • Digital Quran
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Fierbaugh (2011, November) How Mobile Phones Work in the Developing World. Dallas: International Literacy and Development, Inc. (ILAD) 2011

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