Enjoying Friends

The Developing World. The Third World. The Global South. The Two-Thirds World. 10-40. The Emerging World. Africa Rising.

Whatever you call them, most of the people on the planet Earth live outside of North America and Europe and enjoy (endure?) a lower standard of living than Americans. Most Americans only visit the better parts of the better cities in their countries, if they travel there at all.

The last fifty years have seen the largest migration in human history, from small rural villages into the rapidly growing arrival cities. This demographic shift is huge and has changed the face of the developing world. Most countries have at least one huge city – often the capital and major commercial city – which has grown rapidly and is surrounded by what we would term slums. Many Asian countries have many huge cities, most with names that Americans have never heard of.

For all of the challenges that their daily life poses, most of these inhabitants are never-the-less wonderful people and it is a joy to visit and spend time with them.