2014 Update on Phone Characteristics

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Emerging Trends Affecting Progressive Publication was submitted six months ago, which means research and writing started six months before that.  Some of you asked about recent changes.  Tomi Ahonen’s year end wrap-up has some updates to this information:

http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2014/12/handset-market-and-installed-base-in-2014-the-total-handset-picture-by-communities-dominate-blog.html (search for “HANDSET FEATURES”)

SMS messaging is available on 100% of all phones (both smartphones and feature phones) sold in 2014.  For progressive publication, both Bluetooth and SD card support are also > 80%.  Tomi again points out that Java is installed on twice as many phones & devices as Android and iPhones combined; it’s a great opportunity for Emerging World publication.  This is a golden age for orality, audio, and anything that can be converted to MP3.