International Travel with Toddlers in the Emerging World


WARNING: Do not visit friends in the Emerging World with a toddler unless you are prepared to see them walk through, jump in, stand in, sit in, roll in, smear all over their body, and actually ingest filth which sent many a pith-helmeted colonizer to an early grave.

The last few weeks have been a humbling experience.  My wife and I are experienced emerging world international travelers, but we have learned so much, and encountered problems we never imagined.  It has more stressful than I anticipated.  We’ve discovered that in one important way, we’re newbs.

This is actually a continuation of a humbling newb experience that has been going on for about 18 months now.  Parenting is far more of an education than we expected.  We have both traveled since our son’s birth, but this is the first big international trip with all three of us.  Four countries (depending on elections) in two months.

This topic is too big for one blog post, so there will be several on toddler-related topics.