A Day in the Life of a Translation Consultant


Andy Kellogg is the guest speaker this week.

Andy Kellogg joined Wycliffe in 2005 and Seed Company a year later.  His first assignment was as a Consultant in Training.  Andy moved to Nigeria in 2007.  For the next 5 years, he gained experience consulting in various LIST workshops.  During this same period Andy worked extensively with the NBTT, leading workshops, consulting, and providing technical support.

Before joining Seed Company, Andy was a Software Engineer and a School Teacher.  He holds a B.S. in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Computer Information Systems and an MA in Applied Linguistics — both from BIOLA University.

Andy has served as a Field Coordinator, Translation Consulting Manager, and Translation Consultant.  He is currently the Vice President of Translation Consulting.

APA Citation

Fierbaugh, Stephen (Moderator) and Kellogg, Andy (Guest Speaker). (2016, August 9) A Day in the Life of a Translation Consultant [Webcast].  In Tech & Field Brownbag Lunch Series.  Arlington, Seed Company