A Day in the Life of a MTT/FBA

Abstract: Mark Rustine and Abigail Roberts are guest speakers this week. Mark Rustine speaks about A Day in the Life of a Mother Tongue Translator.  Mark has a BS in Aerospace Engineering and worked for Boeing, Continental, and Gulfstream Aerospace before serving in SIL Philippines and Indonesia.  Mark is a gifted cross-cultural communicator. Abigail Roberts… Continue reading A Day in the Life of a MTT/FBA

Drupal Gardens refugee… :-(

Visiting Friends is migrating from Drupal Gardens to WordPress.  We will do our best to port old posts. 20 July 2016 UPDATE: Whitepapers are all migrated. 16 July 2016 UPDATE2: ICT4D photo gallery is migrated. 16 July 2016 UPDATE: Ok, all of the old blog posts are migrated over.

The Starving Blind Man Will Buy Guns?

Introduction On my most recent trip to Nigeria, I conducted an experiment and I would like to share the results with you. It was actually prompted by something that happened on a trip about a year ago.  We were stuck in a traffic jam in Jos, Nigeria, when we were approached by a beggar, led… Continue reading The Starving Blind Man Will Buy Guns?

Visiting Friends and Friends Visiting

We’ve had several opportunities recently to reflect on our visits to Africa, and our friends’ visits to America. Between the BT’15 conference, its associated mini-conferences, training, and staff meetings, we hosted a number of African friends. Then I went off to Africa to visit some of our friends who have hosted me. It has allowed… Continue reading Visiting Friends and Friends Visiting

72% of All Humans Have an Active Phone (Latest Stats)

The latest phone stats are up at Tomi Ahonen’s Communities Dominate Brands blog.  There have been more mobile subscriptions that humans for a while now, but the big news is that 72% of all humans, including babies, kids… everyone, now have a functional phone in their pocket.  This is four times more than Facebook and… Continue reading 72% of All Humans Have an Active Phone (Latest Stats)