A Day in the Life of a MTT/FBA

Abstract: Mark Rustine and Abigail Roberts are guest speakers this week. Mark Rustine speaks about A Day in the Life of a Mother Tongue Translator.  Mark has a BS in Aerospace Engineering and worked for Boeing, Continental, and Gulfstream Aerospace before serving in SIL Philippines and Indonesia.  Mark is a gifted cross-cultural communicator. Abigail Roberts… Continue reading A Day in the Life of a MTT/FBA

Drupal Gardens refugee… :-(

Visiting Friends is migrating from Drupal Gardens to WordPress.  We will do our best to port old posts. 20 July 2016 UPDATE: Whitepapers are all migrated. 16 July 2016 UPDATE2: ICT4D photo gallery is migrated. 16 July 2016 UPDATE: Ok, all of the old blog posts are migrated over.

The Starving Blind Man Will Buy Guns?

Introduction On my most recent trip to Nigeria, I conducted an experiment and I would like to share the results with you. It was actually prompted by something that happened on a trip about a year ago.  We were stuck in a traffic jam in Jos, Nigeria, when we were approached by a beggar, led… Continue reading The Starving Blind Man Will Buy Guns?