How Mobile Phones Work in the Developing World

Abstract: A thorough understanding of mobile phone technology is vital to functioning in the developing world today, and skills and expectations from just a few years ago are rapidly being outdated. Villages which had no coverage just a few years ago now have majorities of their adult populations sporting mobile phones. Marketplaces which offered only… Continue reading How Mobile Phones Work in the Developing World

15 Tips to a Dynamite Presentation

Abstract: Speakers’ Guide for 2011 Dallas Drupal DaysPractical advice for geeks on how to deliver a good presentation while avoiding some common mistakes. These tips are divided into three sections: • Respect Your Audience • Presentation Creation • Avoiding Mr. Murphy APA Citation: Fierbaugh (2011) 15 Tips to a Dynamite Presentation. Dallas: Dallas Drupal Users… Continue reading 15 Tips to a Dynamite Presentation

Surviving Celibacy, 2nd Edition

Abstract: Surviving Celibacy, 2nd Edition © 2010 Stephen Fierbaugh International Standard Book Number: 978-0-578-04608-2 [This book is available for purchase from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.] Abstract and TOC Surviving Celibacy is practical biblical teaching on topics like loneliness, masturbation, coveting your neighbor’s family, and depression. In between, join Stephen in an exploration of the… Continue reading Surviving Celibacy, 2nd Edition