Field Solutions Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy

Abstract: In September, 2014, TSC projects lost five laptops and a BGAN in [REDACTED]. It is not always possible to anticipate high-risk projects during the design phase because of changing security circumstances over the life of a project. It is crucial that Field Coordinators and Consultants inform Field Solutions immediately when a laptop or BGAN… Continue reading Field Solutions Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy

Information Security Protocols v2.2

Abstract: Information security protocols often are too long to be usable.  This protocol is a single page with only five key guidelines.  It has proven easy to remember and use in real life. Abstract [REDACTED] recognizes that criminals, terrorists, and TLIs 1 may all on occasion threaten the safety, activities, or finances of [REDACTED], its… Continue reading Information Security Protocols v2.2