ICT4D Information and Communication Technologies for Development

Abstract: Information and Communication Technologies for Development, ICT4D, is the industry and academic term for technology focused on the Emerging World.  It has a large body of work including subfields encompassing Health, Education, Agriculture, etc. Internet in the Emerging World is often oversold.  Compounds view bandwidth as a cost-center, while carriers view it as a… Continue reading ICT4D Information and Communication Technologies for Development

72% of All Humans Have an Active Phone (Latest Stats)

The latest phone stats are up at Tomi Ahonen’s Communities Dominate Brands blog.  There have been more mobile subscriptions that humans for a while now, but the big news is that 72% of all humans, including babies, kids… everyone, now have a functional phone in their pocket.  This is four times more than Facebook and… Continue reading 72% of All Humans Have an Active Phone (Latest Stats)

Phone Stats

The latest numbers are available, and there are now 5.5 billion people who own phones.  That’s about 75% of the human race!  Nearly half of the phones are smartphones.  82% of all new smartphones and 76% of cumulative smartphones are Android.  These numbers are even more massively skewed outside of North America and Europe. If… Continue reading Phone Stats

2014 Update on Phone Characteristics

Note: This post was originally submitted on a previous blogging system. Some links may not work. Emerging Trends Affecting Progressive Publication was submitted six months ago, which means research and writing started six months before that.  Some of you asked about recent changes.  Tomi Ahonen’s year end wrap-up has some updates to this information: http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2014/12/handset-market-and-installed-base-in-2014-the-total-handset-picture-by-communities-dominate-blog.html… Continue reading 2014 Update on Phone Characteristics

SBL’14 Papers Now Available

NOTE: This post was originally published on a previous blogging system. The links are probably nonfunctional. The papers I delivered at SBL’14 are now available in EPUB and PDF formats.  Non-English ICT Computer Language Support is available here and Emerging ICT Trends Affecting Progressive Publication is available here.  I have also changed the collation on… Continue reading SBL’14 Papers Now Available

Emerging ICT Trends Affecting Progressive Publication

Abstract: Progressive publication is the practice of distributing portions of Scripture in a language as soon as it is translated, rather than waiting until there is a complete New Testament before publication. A brief introduction to progressive publication is provided. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) such as mobile phones and village radios, which affect progressive… Continue reading Emerging ICT Trends Affecting Progressive Publication

SBL’14 Papers

I’ll be speaking twice next week at SBL’14 in San Diego.  On Saturday, 11/22/14, at 4PM I’ll be presenting Non-English ICT Computer Language Support.  This paper & talk explores what support different operating systems have for minority languages.  At 9AM on Sunday, 11/23/14, I’ll be presenting Emerging ICT Trends Affecting Progressive Publication.  It covers the… Continue reading SBL’14 Papers