Travel Security: A Panel Discussion

Abstract: This week’s session on Travel Security is a panel discussion by Christie Davis (Area Director for Islands Asia), Cate Burnett Fierbaugh (Area Director for the Sahel), Dave Parker (Story Manager, formerly assigned to PBT West Africa branch), and Tony Pitaniello (Field Coordinator for Eurasia), with Stephen Fierbaugh moderating. APA Citation Fierbaugh, Stephen (Moderator); Davis,… Continue reading Travel Security: A Panel Discussion

Field Solutions Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy

Abstract: In September, 2014, TSC projects lost five laptops and a BGAN in [REDACTED]. It is not always possible to anticipate high-risk projects during the design phase because of changing security circumstances over the life of a project. It is crucial that Field Coordinators and Consultants inform Field Solutions immediately when a laptop or BGAN… Continue reading Field Solutions Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy

Country Safety Report

Abstract: Abstract Confidential safety report based upon a trip to visit a conflict zone in October, 2012.  This report is not public.  It reports background information, documents the security of a variety of specific locations of interest within the country, and makes concrete suggestions for improvements.  Media reports had described extremist destruction of communications infrastructure. … Continue reading Country Safety Report

Information Security Protocols v2.2

Abstract: Information security protocols often are too long to be usable.  This protocol is a single page with only five key guidelines.  It has proven easy to remember and use in real life. Abstract [REDACTED] recognizes that criminals, terrorists, and TLIs 1 may all on occasion threaten the safety, activities, or finances of [REDACTED], its… Continue reading Information Security Protocols v2.2