Fonts, Keyboards, and Non-Roman Scripts

Abstract: The English orthography is called Latin for historical purposes.  Writing systems used by other languages are called non-Roman scripts (NRS).  For computers to deal with NRS correctly, the document format, applications, keyboards, and fonts all have to cooperate. “Mojibake” is the term for when a computer tries to deal with a character it doesn’t… Continue reading Fonts, Keyboards, and Non-Roman Scripts

ICT4D Information and Communication Technologies for Development

Abstract: Information and Communication Technologies for Development, ICT4D, is the industry and academic term for technology focused on the Emerging World.  It has a large body of work including subfields encompassing Health, Education, Agriculture, etc. Internet in the Emerging World is often oversold.  Compounds view bandwidth as a cost-center, while carriers view it as a… Continue reading ICT4D Information and Communication Technologies for Development

Translation in Practice

Abstract: Since 2000, translation efficiency has improved by over 50%.  At least half of this gain is due to increased funding.  Most of the remainder is due to process improvements: MTTs, cluster approach and workshops, and shorter, focused projects.  ParaTExt has also produced concrete efficiency gains. Malinda Kathleen Reese’s views on machine translation are explained. … Continue reading Translation in Practice

Cross-cultural Communications

Abstract: Worldview is one’s personal view of the world and how one interprets it.  People in the Emerging World are rational and most “crazy” things in Africa have common sense explanations.  In the Emerging World, decision making is often relational while in the west it is results-oriented. Conflict management tips: Be humble, assume inaccurate data… Continue reading Cross-cultural Communications

Tech & Field Brownbag Lunch Series

Abstract: A series of Brownbag Lunch seminars which are webcast and recorded.  Goals: 1) To help everyone in the Technology Team understand translation in Emerging World environments as it relates to technology; 2) To prepare individuals within the Technology Team to travel overseas in direct support of Seed Company’s translation projects. Who should attend?  Anyone… Continue reading Tech & Field Brownbag Lunch Series

72% of All Humans Have an Active Phone (Latest Stats)

The latest phone stats are up at Tomi Ahonen’s Communities Dominate Brands blog.  There have been more mobile subscriptions that humans for a while now, but the big news is that 72% of all humans, including babies, kids… everyone, now have a functional phone in their pocket.  This is four times more than Facebook and… Continue reading 72% of All Humans Have an Active Phone (Latest Stats)